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Professionals from the interior design area say that in 2015 will stand out neutral color schemes with themed accents and accessories.

Remodeling a space to a completely new decoration it takes compromise and interior designers advise the parents to take the children’s opinion into consideration when they have enough age to make a decision.

For kids, the bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house… is the place where they need to feel comfortable and where they like to spend the time playing. So, it is very important to have a theme they like the most and that matchs with their personality.

In these article you can find some of the best trends for 2015 for the kid’s bedrooms.

Neutral Colors

Parents decided before for adding strong colors to their kids bedrooms. But this trend has become thwarted and now they are opting for smooth and neutral palette for the wall, for instance. But, then the details it will make all the differente in the room decor. But professionals assure that is not a good option to put a lot of colorful details because the toys will take on that role.


Changeable Design

Because kids change their tastes really quickly, it is very important to chose pieces that are able to change of place or that are flexible to combine with a different design. The idea is to take advantage of this furniture to different contexts.

Professionals suggest that the update of a kids bedroom should be, if we want to, changed every 5 years.


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Choose a Theme That Will Be Hardly Out of Fashion

Sports, nautical stuff, space… these are themes that can easily accompany the kid interest until its youth.

We suggest you some photographies inspired in some of themed rooms decoration.

These two pictures of a Space-Themed Room and Cinderella-Bedroom Inspiration belong to a recent brand in the market. The brand’s name is CIRCU – Magical Furniture and seems to be a promising brand in the children interior design field.

Space-Themed Room


Cinderella-Themed Room


All Sports Themed Room 

Sports like Baseball, Badminton or Bowling can be a great choice. And with the right touch, you can add to it a vintage look.



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