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The Best 14 Architecture Photos from 2014 | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

From an architectonic point, the best caption of a building it is not that simple as we thought it might be. There are many issues to take into consideration: what is the best angle, is this the right light?

To create amazing pictures out of this world it is needed patience and the right sensibility. And when these points are achieved, professionals are capable of producing the best photos that can make us imagine with different realities.

Recently, a londoner museum, Sto Werkstatt London carried out an exhibition that showcases the finalists from the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards.

We take you on a journey of this amazing photos taken by these artistic finalists in 2014.

Hufton and Crow

Photo of Zaha Hadid’s Aliyev Centre in Azerbaijan

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-5

External shot of the Aliyev Centre

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-8

Pawel Paniczko

Copenhagen Buildings Aerial View

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-21

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-7

David Borland

Ivar Aasen Centre in Orsta Norway

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-13

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-2

Danish Maritime Museum

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-3

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-14


Tim Van de Velde

Station in Antwerp, Belgium

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-11

Álvaro Siza Vieira

Leça da Palmeira Swimming Pool in Portugal

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-19

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-6

Mads Mogensen

Interior space designed by Jochen Haidacher

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-15

Sonia Mangipane

Cow Stable in Limburg province, Netherlands

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-10

Darren Soh 

Oma’s puzzle building in Singapore

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-12

Inigo Bujedo 

Flea Market in Barcelona

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-17

Victor Romero 

SOM’s Dubai Skyscraper

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-18

Tiny Home in Seoul

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-20

James Leynse

Havas Worldwide Offices in New York

The-Best-14 -Architecture-Photos-from-2014-9


The exhibition will be held until the 28th of February, 2015.

Best Design Projects will continue to informing you about the greatest projects around the world.

We like, as much as you, to read all design for your own home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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