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Top South African Signature Pieces
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Are you thinking about redecorating your house? If so signature pieces are something that can’t be forgotten. When you are mixing and moving your house, South African signature pieces are a true must have. Using South Africa signature pieces you can change the look and vibe of your house through a few key pieces without having to redecorate all the furniture!

best south african signature pieces 5

Starting for the dining room it´s always a good idea to choose a mix of eclectic miss-match chairs to create a new twist, or invest in great lighting pendants. Lighting sets the tone to a great evening and creates an outstanding environment! Robert Thomson  has created the perfect mix that enhances the importance of a luxurious lighting and kitchen furniture, proving that these two can upgrade your house.

best south african signature pieces 2

best south african signature pieces 3

Whether it’s industrial, trendy or exotic, prints and colours also set the tone for your a luxurious kitchen and home, turning your house into a luxury statement. Therefore, if you are looking for a new twist in your house colors, handmade tiles from The Moroccan Warehouse In Cape Town are the ones to select.

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A crummy bed can be hidden under lovely-linen and one can get creative with bedside tables – from chairs to a pile of magazines. Threfore, a signature bed must-have an amazing beautiful rug to cosy up the room and make it feel lush! Again, Moroccan Warehouse is the right place for you to find vibrant rugs that will transform your bedroom into a luxuriuos and cozy room.

best south african signature pieces 4

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The bathroom can´t be forgotten, thus beautiful paintings, meaningful prints and memories make a true living space. Whether it’s monochrome minimalism or bold, oil paintings and photographs, a feature wall will always transform a bathroom into a work of art. And speaking of meaningful items, make sure your signature items are insured and treasured since they must be treated as true pieces of art!

best south african signature pieces

 To sum up, the blog Best Design Projects would like to know your opinion about this post. What do you think about signature pieces? Explore our blog and find out more on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest.

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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