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Ayala serfaty * Taltal lamp and bench

For milan design week 2011 israeli designer Ayala Serfaty presents her ‘apaya taltal’ lamp and ‘bench’ as part of the annual ‘promisedesign’ 2011 and exhibition of new design from israel. Whose first edition took place six years ago at the triennale di milano. Serfaty is known for her use of textiles in lighting applications, creating designs which often reference

that which lives within nature’s bodies of water mimicking such creatures as urchins, jellyfish, coral, underwater plant life … Her ‘apaya taltal’ lamp combines ancient wool-felting techniques with modern lighting technology.



‘Bench’ is a long construction of handmade upholstery completed in nuno felting (nuno means cloth in japanese). Covering the entire seating object, the material has been developed in collaboration with felt artist irit dulman.




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