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The Best Interior Design Project in Homo Faber is Portuguese
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

The Best Interior Design Project in Homo Faber is Portuguese

Homo Faber 2018 it is the event regarded as the major cultural exhibition dedicated to European craftsmanship. One interior design project, from Portugal, it’s the stand out of this year edition. Find out more here!

Craftmanship is the main character in Homo Faber 2018. This event is organized by the leading Swiss-based entity,  Michelangelo Foundation,as a way to celebrate and honor artisanal excellence,  since the complex techniques to the talented artisan. Here you can see the best interior design project made from the best European master artisans.

As I said before, the point its to show a wide variety of antique arts, from jewelry to bespoke designs as well as showcasing the rarest artisanal techniques. That’s why this event is happening in a number of historical and architectural spaces throughout the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.


One of the starts of the event it’s an exquisite interior design project that was created by the union of “thinkers and makers” of the Portuguese brand, Boca do Lobo. Recognized by “Filigree mirror” this interior decor product is something that makes you travel to the past through contemporary practice and design.

Elegance, beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of this technique still remain intact after all of these years. It’s a work of art that continues to inspire interior designers, artists, and jewelers worldwide. Filigree is an icon in the luxury jewelry heritage that tells stories about the customs and the traditions of Portugal.

The Best Interior Design Project in Homo Faber is Portuguese

Rui Pinto is the author of this exquisite interior design piece. He emphasizes it’s creative expression and work as the most important thing to make Fine Art product. Trained in the North of Portugal, Rui masters several luxury jewelry techniques, predominantly the delicate filigree, that represents the history in a new generation of artists.

This interior decoration from the  Limited Collection by Boca do Lobo, its exhibited at the space Best of European Craftsmanship, in a room called “Sala degli Arazzi”. In here visitors can walk by and enjoy unique objects specifically made for the event, and still, watch live the skill of master artisans.


Source: Filigree Mirror Reinvents an Ancient Jewellery Making Technique 


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