François Bernard: Nature Made Inspiration at Maison&Objet Paris | Best Design Projects

Maison&Objet Paris is one of the biggest fairs of design in Europe. It gathers the work of renowned designers from all over the world.

There were held many conferences and exhibitions like the one in in Hall 7 assured by François Bernard under the theme: MAKE.


We have found the french stylist and designer at the fair where he have talked about his inspirations, current trends and design choices for 2015.

François-Bernard-Nature-Made-Maison-Et-Objet-Paris-2 François-Bernard-Nature-Made-Maison-Et-Objet-Paris-3

The founder of the Croisements agency, in association with the “Nature Made” project, showed us his vision about new works and predicts evolutions in style matters. François Bernard has a great affection not only for nature and design, but also for Intelligent Marketing.

François-Bernard-Nature-Made-Maison-Et-Objet-Paris-4 François-Bernard-Nature-Made-Maison-Et-Objet-Paris-5 François-Bernard-Nature-Made-Maison-Et-Objet-Paris-7

Don’t miss his interview for the open platform Daily Design News.

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