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Maison&Objet Paris 2015: Design Report | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

It has passed 1 week since we were in Paris vibrating together with all the crowd who frenetically walked from one hall to another of Maison&Objet, one of the biggest and respected fairs of design not only in Europe as well as around the world.

Best Design Projects had the pleasure to see the latest trends in several areas: home textiles, cook and design, interior decoration, craft and the ultimate. And , after spoking with some journalists and design professionals, we give you a highlight of the best design brands and scenes we saw around there.

1. COVET Lounge

We found this lounge the perfect place to relax and chill out a little bit. The space has incredible velvet sofas, a billiard that afforded moments of fun and perfect drinks served by the experienced bartenders.

Covet-Lounge-maison-objet-paris-2015-covet-furniture-3 Covet-Lounge-maison-objet-paris-2015-covet-furniture-17 Covet-Lounge-maison-objet-paris-2015-covet-furniture-22

2. Ateliers d’Art de France – Exposition Build (Dingue)

At the entry of Hall 5 A, we had the joy to found this amazing glass art produced by Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon. The design details are absolutely fantastic.

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Build-Dingue Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Build-Dingue-2

3. Delightfull Unique Lamps

Hall 8 was the “Actuell”, the hall of innovation and last design creations. We have found there Delightfull, a brand that is already known by the unique design in lamps. This graphic collection is stunning!

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Delightfull


4. Giopato& Coombes

Giopato&Coombes work included this amazing lighting installation.

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Gipato-Coombes

5. Ich&Kar BazarTherapy

This brand created an ludic identity around the lozenge icon who’s looked upon as the Ich&Kar sign.

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Ich-Kar

6. Maison Valentina

The Maison Valentina was an amazing surprise. They have innovative bathroom details where the scale and polished brass surfaces complete the look and create a jeweled ambience.

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Maison-Valentina Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Maison-Valentina2

7. Paul Roco

Paul Roco is a mexican workshop that designs and produces custom made furniture with a specialty in woodwork.

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Paul-Roco

8. Boca do Lobo

We were already familiar with Boca do Lobo pieces. And irreverence is something that isn’t lacking in their design.


9. Missoni Home

Textures and patterns is a thing that this italian and classy brand already made us used to.

Missoni-Home-highlights-at-Maison-et-Objet-Paris-2015-2 Missoni-Home-highlights-at-Maison-et-Objet-Paris-2015-4

10. Brabbu

Brabbu is a brand that shows us what nature is made of. The wood details, the handmade work and the colors are simply great!


11. Nendo – The Chocolate Texture Lounge

And we close this article with one of the best expositions and simultaneously best lounges made in Maison&Objet Paris 2015. He has been nominated by the organization the designer of the year and because of that Nendo, the japanese artist, has created this Chocolate Texture Lounge.

White and brown has been mixed into a single space creating an atmosphere of creativity, light and inspiration. Absolutely lovely!

Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Nendo-2 Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Nendo-3 Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Nendo-4 Maison-Objet- Paris-2015-Report-Nendo

It was definetely an incredible week where we were able to breath some of the best design innovations made worldwide. Thank you Maison&Objet and see you next year in Paris!

Best Design Projects will continue to informing you about the greatest projects around the world.

We like, as much as you, to read all design for your own home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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