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The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

The History Behind DelightFULL’s Modern Marquee Lights – Ideal for hotels and clubs, the Graphic Collection has been revolutionizing the lighting concepts of the design industry, arriving in form of letters, numbers or symbols. To find out more, just keep scrolling down!

Graphic Collection

How did the designers come up with the idea of creating this collection? Prepare yourself to meet the story behind the creation of  DelightFULL’s modern Marquee Lights made by the most exquisite master artisans. Their unique design will definitely be the stand out of any interior design project… Besides being an innovative lighting fixture design, they are also quite fun too, don’t you think?

The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights

This collection marries everything that is non-conventional and innovative, and it truly represents the soul of the lighting brand.  Inspired by the neon lights of two remarkable places in the USA, each lighting letter is based on a wide selection of iconic type fonts with a modern twist

The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights

It all started when DelightFULL’s designers visited LA and fell in love with the eccentricity and colorful lights of the city. Completely fascinated by Downtown Los Angeles, the designers realized that these would be perfect for a fun handmade collection. The cultural and architectural resurgence of DTLA, the beautiful buildings, and the museums… This was exactly the kind of inspiration the designers were seeking. And they found it!

The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights However, there was another bright source of inspiration for the designs and this place is located in the city that never sleeps… Do you know what I’m talking about right? That’s right, is in Las Vegas! When DelightFULL’s designers arrived in the Las Vegas Neon Museum that they knew precisely how they were going to create DelightFULL’s new lighting collection.

The museum represented a unique design that could catch the attention of every single person. It has 150 historic neon signs: obituaries for Howard Hughes’ Desert Inn, Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo, the Stardust and Moulin Rouge all packed into a modest chunk of cluttered but surprisingly curatorial desert hidden in the shadow of The Strip’s new super-resorts. Simply mesmerizing!

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The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights

With a wide variety of options, you can choose the graphic lamp that fit the most your personality and home decoration. You can create the atmosphere you wish with the vibrant energy of this unique collection. Do you know the best part? Each lamp is highlighted with the most passionate and exciting neon bulbs that will flash your eyes at this unique lamps.

The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights

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The History Behind DelightFULL's Modern Marquee Lights

You can go for an explosive marquee letter “P” or prefer a letter with a more mid-century modern design like “A”. And if you have one date that you totally want to mark forever, the numbers graphic lamps will do it for you: easy, easy.

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