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Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design  – You want that stunning velvety sofa, but it doesn’t quite fit in your room, or you were thinking about using a special wallpaper, but it might close up space even more and ruin your total home decor… Having a small living room can definitely cause some decoration doubts and problems… You have to limit your personal taste for because there is a risk that some of your favorite furniture pieces can’t fit in your living room design project. Well, those problems end today, because we are about to share with you the best ideas for small living room design! Are you ready? Then just keep scrolling down!

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Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Play with Sizes

When considering home design ideas, think that if you’re going for a slightly bigger sofa, make sure to compensate for the size of the rest of your furniture. This way it will seem like your living room is wider.

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Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Add One Dramatic Color

If you are keeping your background simple, you can afford the luxury of selecting an accent piece. Our suggestion is to go with a dramatic color that will add depth to your small living room decor. See how Dandridge armchair by Essential Home stands out next to DelightFULL’s sleek black floor lamp.

Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Choose Seating with Storage

If you have little space as it is, don’t go around buying cabinets and sideboards you probably don’t need. Make sure to buy furniture that has space for storage. There are many sofas that open up to create space, as well as ottomans and long stools.

Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Keep Your Background Light

Keeping your background simple and clean is a way to make your living room feel naturally wider and taller. If you use curtains, make sure not to go too dark, keep the background hues light, this way you will be able to make the details shine!

Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Pay Attention to Lighting

Use ceiling or wall lighting fixtures to make the most of your small living room decorNorah wall lamp by DelightFULL will stand out in your mid-century modern home decor, and it will create a warm and comfortable hue for your living room.

Useful Ideas For A Small Living Room Design

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Finish your design with a few accessories to make sure your living room looks complete. A few throws, some colorful pillows, and the right plants will definitely make it work and they are ultimately what will bring life to your new small living room design.

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