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Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!
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Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know! – It’s within the specific category of the Art World where we can find even more stunning examples of the characteristic Italian Style and Way of Life! There are many big names of the Italian Design Art Scene that mixe their love for both Art and Design and it’s time for us to highlight those names.

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The Italian Style is linked to incredible Italian Design and The Art World. From Ancient Art to the Contemporary Age, most of the major Artists of the World are Italian or build their careers in Italy, but even though masters like Leonardo DaVinci, Rafael, Donatello or Michelangelo are still strong sources of inspiration for today’s Italian Art Scene, today we are focusing on the Design Art! Discover here the Italian Art and Design Icons that inspired the major Italian artists and interior designers.

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Gaetano Pesce

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

Gaetano Pesce and Piero Fornasetti are other of the two biggest names linked to Craftsmanship, Art and Design. With a passion for Murano Glass and other Italian Classic Design Techniques, such as Wood Craving and Porcelain Work, these two top designers and top instigators of the value of Craftsmanship in the Italian Design Industry are two of the top flagship names of Italian Value in the World of Art and Design!

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

Piero Fornasetti was one of the top Artists of Italy and, when he died in 1988, his legacy was kept alive by his studio that, till today, is kept in business by a dedicated team of professionals that bring to life in new design projects and pieces the life and work of this Italian master.

Nilufar Gallery

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

The best design projects of a few other Italian Art Designers are constantly on display at some of the Top Italian Design Galleries, like the iconic and worldwide famous Nilufar.  Whether it is in Milan, Rome, Florence or Naples, every single major Art Gallery in Italy has one specific mission: Elevate Italian Design & Craftsmanship! Don’t forget to look out for Italian art and design at Milan Design Week.

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

The Art Council of these two and other major Art Galleries in Italy is increasingly responsible for the elevation of Italian Design worldwide.

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Rossana Orlandi

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

One of the more irreverent names of both the Art & the Design scene is Rossana Orlandi, a perfect example of how the worlds of Interior Design, Art and Craftsmanship can come together under one single roof. Also known as the lady of Italian Design, Orlandi tried to do when she opened the Gallery Rossana Orlandi in 2002 in a former tie Factory in the Magenta neighborhood.

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

Italian Art And Design Icons That You Must Know!

The incredible Galleria Rossana Orlandi has been forecasting along the years new and upcoming designers and establishing the premise as one of the most revered platforms for avant-garde Design and Lifestyle. Started her activity focusing on the rising Dutch design wave with designers such Piet Hein Eek, Maarten Baas and Nacho Carbonell the research has moved widely around the world creating a catalog which reflects the most innovative scenes from Europe to Asia to America, but always with a strong focus on the Italian Inspirations!


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