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The luxury decor concept by Sánchez de Moya
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

The luxury decor concept by Sánchez de Moya – Amaro Sánchez de Moya takes the maximalist concept to the extreme, creating a unique global retreat interior design project. A true example of hat luxury decor can change a room completely. Take a look!

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The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

The incredible decorator and architect Amaro Sánchez de Moya it’s well-known for its maximalist interiors. His latest project fits perfectly his unique style: turn two houses into one maximalist decor project. At the center of the Old Town of Seville (Spain) is where you can find his newest luxury decor master project. He built a palace that celebrates crafts in every way, for two doctors: Isabel Sáez de la Fuente and Pascual Sánchez Martín.

The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

The house owners have been collecting art and antiques for many years, and that was the designers’starting point. For example, their amazing blue-chip collection,  from classical sculptures to artworks from the 17th through the 20th centuries, suits perfectly with the luxury concept designed by Sánchez de Moya.

The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

This design project was made with the help of dozens of master artisans from all over the world. Their work took almost three years, nonstop, to complete this incredible luxury design home. When they decided to merge the two houses, it was the time that they knew that the project was going to start from scratch.


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The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

The architecture of this Seville Project is completely inspired by ancient timesusing traditional methods. It’s like going back in time o the king’s era. The new history for the house was a tale told through objects and art of its interior decoration.

The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

To add some antiques into a new building can be quite a challenge. You need to understand what space requires and what is right because not every piece can fit in the luxury environment.

The Luxury Decor Concept by Sánchez de Moya

The trick to be successful in the maximalist concept, it’s nothing more, nothing less, that knowing your boundaries. You need to know really well the idea of contrast, between emptiness and fullness, color and noncolor, darkness and light, to not overdo any of these aspects. In art and decor, it is all about balance, and if you succeed you will turn your home design into something eternal and timeless.



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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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