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15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)- For those of you who think that a bathroom can’t be glamorous, here are some examples of bespoke master bathrooms, that truly represents the luxury style in many different ways! Check it Out!

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The bathroom isn’t the boring part of the house! It doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless, in fact, this room can turn into something exquisite and amazing without going overboard. There are many ways to highlight a bathroom decor, you just need to stay focus and idealize the design project until the last detail. Bespoke bathrooms decor isn’t hard to achieve. Here are some examples to get you inspired!


15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)

Here is a great example of a luxury designed bathroom, that will make you feel like a queen or king! Dominated by the marble and green details, not to mention the exquisite brass furniture, this bathroom was designed by the luxury Portuguese brands,  Maison Valentina and Brabbu. We can say it’s a true statement of luxury and glamour!

15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)

Strong pops of color in your interior decor project it’s always an excellent idea!  The bathroom’s great example that color can suit in any room decor. For instance, this extraordinary example was created by the designer India Mahdavi for Bisazza. As you can see it features exceptional details of pistachio, strawberry pink and grey, not to mention the bold stripped paper wall.

15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)

This is a darker bathroom look, for those design lovers who are into bold designs. Based on black, grey, darker tones of blue and golden details, this bathroom design is the perfect example of a contemporary style. Adding to the rich color scheme, in here we can also find one of the most exquisite bathroom furniture ever, the Tortoise washbasin!

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15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)

This is the complete opposite of the previous example. It’s a unique master bath based on bold bright colors. Created by the designer Katie Ridder and architect Peter Pennoyer, this decor project is dominated by the lustrous tone of yellow complemented with some small pops of color like blue and red.


15 Bespoke Bathrooms That Are Dressed to Impress (Part I)

Here we have a balanced neutral example of what a bespoke master bathroom can look like! The wallpaper was designed y Kate Moss for the renowned design brandDe Gournay. It features a series of intricate flower motifs that can make a statement, without losing balance.

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Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub



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