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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the place where modernity meets tranquility. To prove this perfect harmony, the architecture office 3XN has constructed this year one of the top buildings around the world.


The avant-garde project was designed for the new headquarter of Swedbank and it will express one of Sweden’s most modern and innovative office buildings revealing the simplicity and the energetic environment of the city.

swedbank top building2

This offices were able to allocate over 2,500 employees that are now working in the new fashion suburb of Sundbyberg, 5 km from the city centre.


The sweden bank wanted a building based in 4 pillars: oppeness, simplicity, care and durability.

swedbank top building3

Although the architects have faced some challenges like “the fairly small site, a big open working environment that we wanted to be human scale”, this building has become a success in Sweden. They wanted to “formed the building as a WW with 5 atria and a big diversity in scales, like an indoor cityscape, small scale, big scale, so people can find the place they enjoy to be in and it is a success already, it is a new way to do workplaces. Lots of daylight for everybody and a big variety in furniture.”

swedbank top building8 swedbank top building7 swedbank top building6 swedbank top building5

With 3 roof terraces Swedbank staff has now a recreational zone with a fantastic view. The project was awarded with a Gold Certification from the Swedish sustainability rating system, the “Miljöbyggnad” for their ambitious social sustainability strategy.

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