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Top 10 Must-Have Amenities for a Dream House | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to luxury, anything is possible to create a unique and wonderful atmosphere within the house’s design or even in the outside. It is only needed to have a little bit of inspiration and creativity and crazy ideas will appear. Indoor swimming pool, mini golf? Yes, these are just suggestions.

We present you in this article top 10 must-have luxurious amenities that will help to achieve the stage of a dream and enviable house decoration.


Yes, a river… inside the house! In winter there is no need to go outside to relax and to feel a little bit the freshness of nature, when you can have a river passing through your home’s interiors. Get inspired with this Lake Michigan Home constructed within the stone floor and adorned with some plants. You can even put a ducks passing across the river, no?!


Champagne Bell

This is just the smartest idea ever! And who says a champagne can say a gin, a whisky, a wine… whatever we want. There’s an example of a few restaurants in New York and London who had adapted this trend by installing a one-press button for champagne. Why we can’t apply this to our house?



Why stairs when we can have a slide? It is more funnier, faster and different. Ok, the stairs should be always there too.


Home Theater

If you have several divisions in the home why don’t you opt to replace the basical office for a home theater? Or you can mix both in the same place: a few chairs, one big screen, a nice Hollywood decoration and…. Some popcorn!


Secret Room

Who never dreamt with a Sherlock Holmes scenario? A hidden room is totally fictional inspiration. Actually, this Steamboat Springs, CO Home has a bookcase wall which allows the entrance to a hidden room. A creative idea that only home’s owners will be able to know.


Candy Room

What do you think of this full-of-M&M’s room? A must-have? Yes, we totally agree with you. Even if we are adults or younger, everyone would love to have a candy room. This image was taken from the Beyoncé and Jay-Z millionaire house.



Wat… what? Yes, waterfall hall! This is just genius… A piano, a lounge area and an incredible waterfall around..What could be more relaxing? Just sit back, read a book while enjoying a good song with the water drops behind.


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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