Recall The Ultimate Projects Of The World's Best Interior Designers
Recall The Ultimate Projects Of The World’s Best Interior Designers – What better way to end the year that recalling your favorite interior designers and their best design projects, don’t you think? Well, since the end of the year is right outside the door, the world’s design lovers are already starting to wonder about the future of the interior design industry for 2020. Before you can imagine the best interior design ideas and trends for the next year, make sure you recall the best of 2019 by checking CovetED Magazine‘s top 100 Interior designers of the year. Download Coveted 20

Some of the top 100 interior designers and architects that are present on this list include Kelly Hoppen (London), Jean-Louis Deniot (Paris), Jamie Bush (Los Angeles), Campana Brothers (Sao Paulo), Nini Andrade da Silva (Funchal), Jaime Beriestain (Barcelona), Marco Piva (Milano), Fine Rooms (Berlin), Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam), B+K Architecture (Tel Aviv), Comité de Proyectos (Mexico City), PTang (Honk Kong), ZZ Architects (Mumbai), Cameron Woo (Singapore) , among others! From all corners of the world, this Top and Curated List selected by our favorite luxury design magazine and the Best Interior Designers Blog feature some of the most creative and talented professionals of the design industry.







Recall The Ultimate Projects Of The World's Best Interior Designers



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